Life as a House


life as a houseYou have cancer. You are dying. You have four months to live. What are you going to do? Build a house, of course.  A model builder for a big-time architectural firm, George (Kevin Kline) is fired from his job of a whole lotta years at the beginning of the movie. George then decides to have some sort of attack, has a stint in the hospital, and then reveals the major plotline of this “movie”. He is going to tear down his hillbilly-like shack that happens to be on a million dollar lot in a neighborhood full of million dollar plus homes. George will tear down the house (and huge fucking metaphor) of his past life, and start a new – repairing the relationship between him and his stereotypical rebel son (Hayden Christensen) and his ex-wife (Kristin Scott Thomas).

George goes to his now re-married (and fabulously wealthy) ex’s home to pick up their son for a summer of fun. At first, like all good stereotypes, he rebels. “Fuck you dad, I’m not going with you, dad.” But, he soon relents. “Dad, I love you.” The change is so quick and dramatic it is almost comical. The son goes from a pot smoking-blue haired-chin studded-makeup wearing ass to a respectable young man who helps his dad build a house and thinks about others before himself. But he still doesn’t love his mom. He’s still a badass at heart, remember. The girl next door (Jenna Malone), who happens to be of the supper-slutty stereotype variety, easily falls in love with Sam, the rebel.

Robin, the ex, seems to regret now (a mere 10 years after divorce) that she ever left George. Maybe he isn’t such a crappy guy after all! Maybe my new husband is the one who has all the problems.

It is also amazing how George finds the meaning of life and true happiness so easily. Such dribble as this fills the entire length of the movie. There is much nu-needed sex, as well. It is almost surprising how much sex was added into this movie, for no apparent reason.

Some might compare this movie to American Beauty, because there are several similar aspects, however, it would be more appropriate to compare this to a made-for-TV movie that is shown on the Lifetime network. Absolute tear-jerking trash.

However, this movie is watchable, especially if you like bad movies, so if there is nothing else playing in your local theater, and you are incredibly bored, go see it.

But please, don’t compare this to American Beauty.

That’s shameful.

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