Big Trouble


What can bring total strangers together?” asks the ad for Big Trouble. How about this: A nuclear bomb, and a handful of criminals, duh. Oh, also, there is a goat or two. Sounds like a fun movie? It pretty much is.The director of Men in Black and Wild Wild West, Barry Sonnenfeld has a knack for the, well, not normal. His latest film, Big Trouble centers around a suitcase, which happens to contain a nuclear bomb. Sonnenfeld keeps a rather quick pace, and the movie seems to be over just after it starts. The whole picture clocks in at a sub-Disney 85 minutes.

The movie consists of a cast of a bunch of B-list stars who play various oddballs. You’ve got your hitmen, your cops, your unhappy wives, your unhappy kids, your unhappy dad, your asshole dad, etc. Basically, there are a whole bunch of zany characters in this movie.

There isn’t much of a captivating plot here, just the oddballs running around, trying to kill each other, etc. Eventually the asshole dad tries to buy a nuclear bomb, and they end up in an airport. I won’t spoil it, but there are some pretty good jabs at airport security.

Having read the book, I walked into the theater with relatively low expectations. The book’s a blast to read, I’d recommend it. The movie actually stays pretty close to the book’s basic story line, with only a few funny scenes deleted in order to add in some well, not as funny stuff. I was a bit surprised at what was left out, and what was added.

Big Trouble has a pretty good flow, and Sonnenfeld handles the jumble of characters well. There are plenty of laughs, but some sequences fail.

This one is worth the wait for a rental, unless you happen to be a diehard fan of Tim Allen, who I kept expecting to grunt during this movie. Allen can’t act, it’s just a sad, but true, fact.

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